Going To The Dogs

It is an axiom of human psychology that choice of association both defines and describes a person. One's choice of a pet says a lot about the person. The plethora of dog breeds provides a perfect opportunity to make a personal statement. Dog owners invariably do.

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Men Under Stress

The "fight-or-flight" response to stress is well known. But human reaction to social stress has a somewhat different dynamic. Women have a "tend-and-befriend" response: an accommodating protective and friendly reaction. Men were long assumed to become aggressive under stress. But that tends to be a last resort, at least for those lacking anger issues. Instead, men also seek social support when stressed.

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The Object of Keeping Abreast

Object recognition is an essential aspect of life for all life. Some objects grab attention more than others. Sometimes people are confused with objects; the confusion being certain people being perceived as objects.

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Holistic Dimensionality

Physicists have long produced models that required extra dimensions. Yet studious denial has been the norm. The irony of physics is that the theories most likely to resemble reality are those for which existence proof is lacking.

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Capital Flows Against Society

Profligate democracies in Western Europe continue to descend into economic turmoil over their sovereign debt loads. The United States, with its own stunning debt, may stumble into the same gulch. The root problem is plutocracy. Capital flows against society at large.

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Each of us in our own way struggle for enlightenment. The desire to understand is a step towards enlightenment, at least potentially. Alas, how little potential is realized by so many.

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