Just Don't Munch the Seeds

Taily weed plays a special role in the desert ecosystem it inhabits. The weed sometimes serves a nursing role in helping other plant species become established. For animals, the taily weed produces thousands of tiny berries year-round.

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Parental Sacrifice

A mother's willingness to sacrifice for the sake of her children is innate in many species besides humans. Female polar bears starve to nurse cubs. Dolphin mothers stop sleeping to care for newborns. Some spider moms make a meal of themselves for their hatchlings.

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Heart & Mind

Close friends are held dear by empathy. Caring is the hallmark of emotional stature. Such emotional mush is an afterthought at best to a business owner. The cool analytics of profit enraptures a capitalist. Hence the regularity of public relations fiascos created by CEOs who display their love of lucre over the cares of employees or customers. This stark dichotomy between compassion and capitalism is seated within the brain.

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Toronto's Gleaming Skyline

Toronto's skyline began its rise in the 1960s. Gleaming glass towers rose on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. This shining beacon of civilization has at least one blind spot: it kills more birds than any other city on Earth.

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Sloths live an unhurried life, letting them act as lodging for select species. It is a modest achievement for a modest underachiever.

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Extinction via Ecology

Extinction around the globe is accelerating. Local populations of different species are increasingly being wiped out. Humans have long facilitated the process with pollution and habitat loss. Now it's not just high temperatures and drought, though those help the kill rate. The root problem is that the web of life is being torn apart.

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How Rude

The culmination of urban and computerized civilization is a level of rudeness unsurpassed in human history, short of armed conflict. Nowadays, human capacity for empathy is snuffed between strangers when the nature of contact is a request, no matter how politely put, to be respectful of others.

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Homeless Criminals

At bedtime on any given night in the United States, 650,000 people have no place indoors to sleep. The U.S. military-industrial complex consumes at $700 billion per year, 19% of the federal budget, and 5% of gross domestic product, but the country cannot afford to take care of its own people. Instead, homelessness is increasingly being criminalized.

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On Purpose

Teleology posits that natural phenomena exist for a purpose; that is, nature has goals. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato (423 – 347 BCE) was a dyed-in-the-wool teleologist. But since the time of British natural philosopher Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626), empiricism supposedly trumped teleology in scientific circles. Scientific canon is that existential facts do not support purpose as intrinsic to the natural world. To that scientists agree, at least in concept. What they intuitively believe is something else.

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Order From Chaos

Plasmas are turbulent ionized gases. Being chock-full of charge carriers makes plasma electrically conductive, and so responsive to electromagnetic fields. Within the turbulence can be found stable electromagnetic field structures.

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